How To Choose The Best Bottled Water Delivery Service: A Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best drinking water is a matter of concern for many as regular tap water is not safe to consume in most cases. That’s the reason the number of people who order bottled water delivery service is growing by exponential rate. And now we can safely say that the good old days of drinking tap water directly are finally gone. However, still, some like to boil the regular tap water to consume, and while this is not a wrong method, it’s simply not efficient in these fast-paced days. On the other hand, bottled water delivery ensures that you get the right quality water in the right amount. 

There’s not only water in those bottles, but lots of vitamins and minerals included that improves the overall quality of the water. Not to worry though as nothing was added just randomly, only after years of research the bottled water companies know what micronutrients to be supplemented with the water and in what quantity. It makes immense sense as water in the next essential thing after oxygen that we need to stay alive and healthy – hence, adding extra nutrients in the packaged drinking water would make sure that we get an adequate amount of essential nutrition regularly.

Now, in this guide, you will know some little-known facts that could help you to choose the ideal company to order bottled water delivery service.

What type of water bottle should you order?

People usually order 3 gallons or 5 gallons sized bottles based on their daily needs. The jars of 5 gallons size are on the bit expensive side compared to the smaller bottles; however, you want to decide which bottle to order depending on the number of family members at your home. 

You further need a cooler or a water dispenser system and attach the bottles to it – because of these bottles are heavy and carrying and distributing them would be a workout in itself. If you have no such water dispenser system in your home already, you can get one from the water supplier company when you order bottled water delivery service as they have those things readily available for their customers.

Some water suppliers additionally offer 1.75 or even 0.33 litresof smaller bottles in crates to their customers in addition to larger jars.

Water delivery in glass bottles

Did you know that you can very well order your drinking water in a glass bottle instead of the ones made by plastic? People who live their life in environment-friendly ways would definitely appreciate this. However, as it’s glass, it will be more fragile than the plastic bottles, and you have to handle them with extreme care. So, if you’re not in a position to handle or care, or if you have growing kids in your home, you will be better off buying the plastic bottles. Having said that, these glass-bottles are more durable than regular glass; hence not breakable at the drop of a hat as you may think.Hope this article helped you to decide on at least a few things for the next time when you order bottled water delivery service. Drink plenty of water every day and stay hydrated.