International Tableware Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a material that was developed in 1960s by NASA in order to provide comfortable seats for airplanes. Memory foam is now being used in pillows and mattresses and people can also find them in footwear. When the usage of memory foam started, it was very expensive but now its cost is reduced and anybody can purchase it. There are many pros and cons of an international tableware memory foam mattress and these are as follows.

international tableware memory foam mattress


Provision of true body fit

Mattress in which memory foam is used helps the people to adjust the body in any position they like. The mattress helps in distributing the body weight evenly and it also gives a good response to heat and pressure of the body. When the pressure of the body is removed, the mattress returns to its original shape automatically. Many people have given their reviews that they have a sound sleep on these mattresses.

Support to temperature control

The sleep of a person is affected due to the temperature of the body. The mattresses are developed by using temperature sensitive material, which helps the mattress to get adjusted as per the temperature and weight of the user. The mattress becomes soft when the temperature of the body rises and this helps the users to have a sound sleep. International tableware memory foam mattresses also come with a cooling feature so it is good for people in summer as well as winter season.

Memory Foam Pain relief

There are many health benefits of the mattresses made with memory foam and one of them is relieved from pains. Body also revolvers easily from different kinds of injuries. The mattresses have the capability to transfer the pressure from the areas of pain to other areas, which are not paining. Since the areas of pain have a slightly high temperature so the mattresses detects it and they are adjusted accordingly.

Free from allergy

There are many dust particles found in normal mattresses but this is not the case with the memory foam mattress. The fibers sued to make the memory foam repel dust mites and so they are very good for the people who suffer from various kinds of allergies. The memory foam is dense so accumulation of dust mites is not possible.

Provision of motion transfer resistance

The memory foam also has the property of absorbing the surface movement so if a person changes his position on bed frequently, the mattress adjusts accordingly.



The mattress has been developed from dense foam, which increases its weight. It makes it difficult to transfer the mattress from one place to another due to its heavy weight. Providing a cover to the mattress is also very difficult.

Waterproofing is not there

The mattress is not waterproof so it should be covered with a waterproof cover in order to protect it from damage. The moisture can damage the foam and make the mattress unusable.

Wrapping Up

International tableware memory foam mattress have many advantages as well as disadvantages. People use it as they get a lot of benefits. The disadvantages can be removed by taking certain precautions.