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How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself Safely

Many types of tags can occur on the skin. They are harmless to the skin but their presence can bother people as these tags can turn the beauty into ugliness. There are many home-based techniques that people can use in order to get rid of these tags. Tags can occur due to many reasons like clothing. Everybody wants to remove these tags so that they can look beautiful again. Tags are also removed due to cosmetic reasons. Want to know how to remove skin tags yourself safely? Here are some of the home-based techniques that are sure to help.

how to remove skin tags yourself safely

Usage of a tag removal device

People can use a tag removal device, which helps in cutting the supply of blood to the tag. The device comes with a tiny band and it helps the people to remove the supply of blood. In medical terms, this process is known as ligation. The cells of the tag die because there is no supply of blood. Due to this, the tags are removed within ten days.


Dental floss or string is also available which people can use for ligation. Using this process is very tricky and people need the help of another device or another person in order to cut the blood supply of the tag. After the cutting of blood supply with the string, the tag is removed automatically after a few days. The string has to be tightened in order to cut the blood supply from the tag. The skin, hands, and string should be cleaned thoroughly so that there is no infection.

Skin tag removal cream

Skin tag removal creams are also available and people can use them to remove these tags. These kits consist of a cream and an applicator. People need not apply the cream repeatedly. They need to apply it only once and it will show its effects. People should use the cream as per the instructions. Some creams ask to clean the skin before applying them. An alcohol wipe should be used in order to clean the skin. People may feel a sensation of stinging and it takes around two to three weeks to get rid of the tags.

Freezing kit

Freezing kit includes the product that consists of nitrogen in liquid form. This product helps in freezing the tag and removing them from the skin. People can find these products in drug stores and pharmacies. People need to follow the instruction before using these kits. The product has to be applied many times in order to show its effect. The tag is removed within ten days.

Tea tree oil

This is an oil that is beneficial for removing many types of skin conditions. People need to take a few drops on cotton ball and apply it on the tags. The cotton ball should be kept for at least ten minutes on the tag. This process has to be done three times daily.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the home-based remedies, which people need to use in order to get rid of skin tags. Application of these products is very easy and people can get rid of the skin tags within ten days. There’s no longer a need to ask how to remove skin tags yourself safely.